What kind of organizations do you work with?

Our goal is to assist organizations that have the same philosophy as GoodPawsGoodCause.org - to bring people and pets together to make a difference.  We primarily work with non-profit organizations that work with animals, for animals or any organization with a program or event that involves animals. 

CLICK HERE to see some of the national and local non-profits we work with and have worked with over the years.

What do your services cost?

The first step is a consultation which is FREE.  We want to make sure your needs and our services are a good match.  Once we establish a relationship, we only ask that the costs or office expenses associated with your project are reimbursed (examples: postage, mileage, copies, etc.).  That's it!  Really!  We want to help you and your good cause by paying it forward!  For your FREE consultation to see if we can help you, please complete the appropriate sections on the FORM.

It seems like you only work with dogs?

It does appear that way, but we assure you we work with ALL kinds of animals.  Most of the events we have coordinated or created involve dogs. Unfortunately, birds, cats, and other wildlife just aren't the type of pets that come out for special events with their owners.  However, all funds raised at our events help everyone - furry or not!

How can my organization or business purchase custom-made snacks? 

If you feel our snacks would be a good fit for your organization or business, complete the appropriate sections on our FORM. We will send you a product catalog with information and everything you need to get started with Good Paws Good Cause! 


Frequently Asked Questions