Ingredientsflour, cinnamon, baking soda, molasses, honey, vegetable oil, water.  Guaranteed Analysis:  Min. crude protein: 6.4%, Min. crude fat:  5.8%,   Max. crude fiber:  1.3%, Max. moisture:  11.9%.

Ingredients:  garbanzo bean flour, water, unsalted all natural peanut butter, egg, baking powder, baking soda, honey.  Guaranteed Analysis:  Min. crude protein: 17.0%, Min. crude fat:  9.0%,   Max. crude fiber:  3.0%, Max. moisture:  17.0%.

Every BITE Gives BACK!

Ingredients:  flour, corn meal, dry non-fat milk, baking powder, garlic powder.  Guaranteed Analysis: Min. crude protein:  11.8%, Min. crude fat:  1.0%, Max. crude fiber 1.0%, Max. moisture:  13.2%.

Fur The Earth™ Dog Soap is the natural way to get clean!  This "green" pet product is made with essential oils and combats fleas naturally and soothes the skin, leaving your pooch pampered and protected.  

Each 4.5 ounce bar is made and sold exclusively by Miss Debbie's Soap in Throop, PA. 

Our Other GOOD Stuff

Natural Products

Ingredients:  organic buckwheat flour, unsweetened applesauce, egg, sweet potato, water.  Guaranteed Analysis:  Minimum crude protein:  9.14%, Minimum crude fat:  1.77%.  Maximum crude fiber:  12.32%, Maximum moisture:  19.51%.

All of our Custom Dog Snacks & Stuff give back to good causes!  We donate sale proceeds from our Fur A Home®, Fur A Cure®, and Fur The Earth® brands to animal shelters, cancer organizations and earth conservation groups.

Don't let the name fool you!  Our Buckwheat Bones are wheat and grain free!  Made with natural and organic ingredients, our 6.5 ounce bag will be enough to satisfy any pooch's palate!

The baked-in goodness of sweet potato and applesauce, make these bones a low fat treat that doesn't upset the tummy!  To place an order, submit our FORM today!

My Dog Is A Fan!

Get Happy!

Our Happy Houndcake Mix is a favorite! Now you can bake your dog a cake at home!  Easy, fast and oh so good!  Even comes with an icing recipe that will have any pooch beggin' fur more! 

Buckwheat Bones

Simple & Delicious!


Get our peanut butter and honey flavor snacks with YOUR name and logo on the label!  These grain and wheat free snacks will make your next event or fundraiser WOOFtastic! 

Whether you give them to customers as a "thank you" or sell them as a fundraiser, our custom label option makes giving back with every bite delicious! These 2' snacks are a great choice FUR the holidays or any occassion and available in a variety of shapes!  To find out more and to order, complete this FORM.

In Pittsburgh, PA, the Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center is the official animal shelter of the Pittsburgh Penguins®.  We teamed up with both organizations to create the Fur A Home® "My Dog Is A PENS FAN" Dog Snack.  15% of every sale benefits the Animal Rescue League!

Create your OWN hockey (or other) team magnet and dog snack combo to raise money for YOUR charity, non-profit, sports team, or school.  Each 3" magnet is packaged with a 3" cinnamon and molasses dog snack.  Magnets and labels are customized with your information and logo!  See steps 1, 2 & 3....

Sell our cake mix at your next event or carry it in your retail location.  For ordering information, complete and submit this FORM.

Customize your vinyl magnets and labels with your name and logo!


Every sale will help raise money FUR YOUR cause.  And Good Paws Good Cause will donate to an animal shelter of your choice.


To get started, just complete and submit this FORM.