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Apparel & Accessories Fur Good People & Pets
That GIVE Back To GOOD Causes!

Hi! My name is Lisa Lotito. In 2006, I lost my dog Louie to cancer. I wanted to find a way to honor him and to create a business that brought people and their pets together for good causes. 

At GoodPawsGoodCause.org, we believe that every animal should have a loving home, that a cure for cancer can be found, and that protecting the future of our planet is in our hands.  When you buy Fur A Home®, Fur A Cure® and Fur The Earth® branded merchandise, you are contributing to good causes and the good works they accomplish.

 Fur A Home® supports no-kill animal shelters

 Fur A Cure® supports cancer organizations

 Fur The Earth® supports earth conservation

Here's how YOU can get involved with Good Paws Good Cause:

Charitable Organizations:
Use our good stuff fur your next fundraiser or special event! We offer custom product and label options! Great prices and low or no minimums! 
Visit our WHOLESALE/FUNDRAISING page for more information.

Let your customers know it is GOOD to GIVE back.  Good Paws Good Cause donates a proceeds of EVERY purchase.  So why not put unique products on your shelf and support a cause YOU care about? Customize with your name and logo fur added impact!  Visit our WHOLESALE/FUNDRAISING page to get started!

Pets & Pet Lovers:
When you buy our products, 10% or more of every purchase goes back to GOOD CAUSES! Our items are available for purchase at the retailers (on-line and store front) listed on our IN GOOD STORES page.   For info on how to order direct from our site, please see the WHOLESALE/FUNDRAISING PAGE.

Thanks for visiting our site and for making a difference!

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