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Apparel & Accessories Fur Good People & Pets
That GIVE Back To GOOD Causes!

Hi! My name is Lisa Lotito. In 2006, I lost my dog Louie to cancer. I wanted to find a way to honor him and to create a business that brought people and their pets together for good causes. 

At GoodPawsGoodCause.org, we believe that every animal should have a loving home, that a cure for cancer can be found, and that protecting the future of our planet is in our hands.  When you buy Fur A Home®, Fur A Cure® and Fur The Earth® branded merchandise, you are contributing to good causes and the good works they accomplish.

 Fur A Home® supports no-kill animal shelters

 Fur A Cure® supports cancer organizations

 Fur The Earth® supports earth conservation

Here's how YOU can get involved with GoodPawsGoodCause:

Charitable Organizations:
Use our good stuff as a fundraiser or pet fundraiser FUR your organization. We offer custom products and labels, so everyone will know purchases are benefiting your GOOD cause!  With great prices and low or no minimums, we provide a great way to fundraise! 
Visit our WHOLESALE/FUNDRAISING page for more information.

Let your customers know it is GOOD to GIVE back!  Add unique items to your inventory and donate a portion of your proceeds to the cause YOU care about!  We can customize product labels so your customers will know who they are supporting with every purchase! Visit our WHOLESALE/FUNDRAISING page to get started!

Pets & Pet Lovers:
When you buy our products, 10% or more of every purchase goes back to GOOD CAUSES! Our items are available for purchase at the retailers (on-line and store front) listed on our IN GOOD STORES page.   If you would like to buy something from us direct, complete the section on our WHOLESALE/FUNDRAISING PAGE to place an order. 

Thanks for visiting our site and for making a difference Fur A Home®Fur A Cure® and Fur The Earth®!

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